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Be Determined to Rise. You’re Ready!


London is a healer and an Entrepreneur who has found success by helping people heal. She is the owner of Empress Ready, the first black-owned Holistic Healing and Metaphysical Gifts Boutique in Sacramento, CA. London has a magical way of providing guidance for her customers to demystify natural healing, self-care, and spiritual tools that help people take charge of their life as they explore their unique healing and spiritual journeys.


London creates a safe and loving space for people to explore, release, and realign their well-being on every level. Her goal is to use her platform to help people of color as well as the entire community in general form stronger relationships with their spiritual selves, heal from past traumas and wounds, and move forward into the present with purpose and power. As a mompreneur, she takes great honor in knowing that sharing her entrepreneurial journey online inspires other women of color to have faith in their abilities.



I've rooted my practice in ancestral and earth-based spiritualities and therapeutic modalities that create magic and miracles in the process. The way I see it, this work is my calling, and I love to see the positive changes created in the lives of my customers.

For a FREE consultation on rituals and products to use to achieve your love and career goals, email us today at We're here to help you get or keep that queen vibe strong!

Sending Light and Love,

London 💋

Empress Ready Founder

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