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empire building essentials

Reserve your spot today for my FREE 3-day Empire Building Essentials.

I’ll be going live for 1 hour Wednesday - Friday at Noon spilling the secrets on what entrepreneurs spend months to learn and even come out the pocket thousands of dollars to learn these tips on starting an online business.

Sign-ups close on Tuesday at 11:59 PM. Sign up Today!

I'm spilling the Teaaaaaaaa ya'll! Okay, I'm not giving away ALL my secrets, but let me tell you, these gems I'm about to drop in my FREE 3-day Empire Building Essentials you will not want to miss. 

I'm not lying when I tell you how thankful I am that I am not on that 9-5 grind anymore. I'm no longer trying to please the suits and not feeling free to be myself. I'm no longer dressing up in that clown suit spending money on clothes I don't even like to wear outside the 9-5. I'm no longer spending my time building somebody else's dream. My time and energy are going towards building the lifestyle I WANT, not somebody else's.

NOW is the time. We are in such a huge period of opportunity right now with so many people online during quarantine and they are shopping and spending money. NOW is the time to learn how to get your business online.

Let me help you out with these FREE Empire Building Essentials. Sign up for the free workshop today.  And, if you know any other queens you want to see RISE, send them an invite too. We are stronger together!

Get your pen and paper ready to take NOTES because once the 3 days are over these live videos will come down!

DAY 1: How to find out what people want to buy

DAY 2: How to find customers

DAY 3: The best tools to get started

NOW is the time for you to rise to a new level.

Put your crown on Empress and go sign up here today!

See you in there Empress!

Love & Light,

London 💋

The Empress Ready Boutique 👑

You can check out my boutique in this video. I had a mural of a crown painted on the wall so I could crown all my queens and kings that purchase from the shop. I love serving my customers!

Wednesday July 1st - Friday July 3rd.

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