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Unsatisfied with your bikini line's appearance? It can look better Queen, I promise you!


Trust me I know what it's like to not want anyone looking at your bikini area because of bumps and dark spots, and then not understanding how everyone else seems to keep their bikini line in check so easily.


Know that exfoliating with a premium product is one of the steps needed to level up your bikini line game. Natural soaps are great at moisturizing your skin, but not the best for opening blocked pores and removing dead skin. An excellent exfoliator is going to keep dead skin from blocking pores, but, you also want to be sure to use a product free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and perfumes that will make problems worse!


This all-natural Calendula Yoni Scrub was created to help prevent shaving bumps, ingrown hair, and to lighten the bikini area. It will help you buff your way to a smooth, even, bump-free, bikini line with a healthy glow. As my best friends says, it'll make you want to "walk around in your choni's all day" because you no longer have to be embarrased of your bikini line!


Bonus - this scrub smells amazing! It is handcrafted with the purest high quality sea salts, healing herbs, organic and essential oils. A little goes a long way!


Calendula is added for antifungal + anti-inflammatory benefits. It also has antibacterial properties that make it useful in healing wounds, and soothing the skin.


**Now comes in 4oz Bottles**


Please note that this product is oil based so it may leak some during shipment.

Calendula Bikini Line Brightening Scrub

SKU: 8568
  • Combine the Calendula Yoni Scrub with our Honey Rose Yoni Bar for an amazing looking and smelling yoni!!


    Ingredients: Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organci Herb Blend, Orgaic Essential Oil Blend. 4 oz. jar

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