Florida Water is often used for spiritual cleansing and home protection, blessing, high vibes before yoga and meditation, removal of negativity, offerings to the ancestors and other ritual and for personal fragrance as well! It has a very pleasing and calming fresh floral citrusy fragrance.

This is not a mass manufactured Florida Water which is available online at low prices. My Florida Water is handcrafted and uses traditional 90 percent Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic, Charged Water, Herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils of the traditional Florida Waters.

It is a very refreshing and cooling splash and has a light, pleasing citrus-floral fragrance. The Herbs I use is listed below. 

🌿SAGE -clears negativity.
🌿NETTLE -good health, healing.
🌿ROSEMARY -protection.
🌿ROSE -Love and Prosperity.
🌿St Johns wart -courage, protection.
🌿Elder flower- prosperity, protection and healing.

Florida Water can be used on counters tops, doors, Floors, inside vehicles and more for blessings, protection, and more. Think of this product as not only a spiritual tool but as a disinfectant as well all rolled into one. Ok

Handcrafted Florida Water