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This Spiritual Bulk order is definitely a kick start to getting the ball rolling if you’re ready to start your own Crytsal Healing Business!! These items are what i started off with seven years ago when I started my business “Empress Ready”. My business grew from doing Online Only, participating in pop up festivals, to now having my own Brick & Mortar and my products are also being sold inside of local malls.

The “Kick Start Spiritual Bulk Order” includes the following below shipping included!

9” Sage - 12 pieces

Rose of Jericho - 8 pieces

Palo Santo - 1 lb. (Approx. 30 sticks)

Rose Quartz - 2 lbs

Clear Quartz - 2 lbs

Amethyst - 2 lbs.

Blk Tourmaline - 2 lbs

Various Polished Stones - 1 lb.

Carnelian- 1 lb

I chose the items above because they sell fast and are my top sellers!! Remember to be creative! Try bulking some of these items together as a package. Add Crystals to your waist Beads to increase pricing to $25 and up per waist bead. Add flowers and crystals to some of your sage to increase the price to $25+ per bundle. The most important advice I can give you is be authentic and believe in yourself! Now go be Great!!!

If you would like an email of the FULL list of All (28) of the products I have available for wholesale and you want to creat your own “Kick Start Bulk List” you are welcome to send me an Email at . In the subject line please write “Spiritual Bulk Order” and I will forward the complete wholesale list to you.

Kick Start Spiritual Wholesale Order

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