White Sacred Sage, Lavender, Rose Petals, Rose Quartz Crystal

Please Note: Not all Love Bundles will have the exact same flowers and arrangements as these pictured. Also, at this time lavender is not attached as it is not in season at this time. 

Sage Love Bundle

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  • A smudge a day keeps the good vibes coming your way


    Sometimes you just need a quiet space and some sage to raise your vibration.This smudge bouquet is perfect for cleansing, activating the heart chakra, and bringing more love in. Perfect for New Moon and Full Moon rituals, and clearing your home, job, car etc. of negative energy. They are also great for self love, healing after a bad break-up and resoring your self esteem bringing you more peace.  All Sage bouquets are handcrafted by Me and infused with with Lavender/ Sacred White Sage/ Rose Petals/Fragrance/ Rose Quartz Crystal / Love and Light.


    How To Use:

    Simply light the tip of the bundle, state your intentions (pray or meditate), and let the bundle produce smoke as you walk around your space to cleanse the energy around you.


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