Manise$tation Money Candle

The Manife$tation Money candles now have big Chunks of Pyrite and Citrine for Prosperity and good luck!! After you have completely used your candle I recommend putting these stones in your wallet inside your purse for some money magnet magick!

How to use: Write out your affirmations and place them underneath the candle. Make sure to State your affirmations daily as you light the wic meditate and visualize what you desire to come into fruition.

You can write such things like the following: I am a money magnet, money comes from all different directions and sources directly to me. Or I will be making 10k per month starting next month. Whatever it is you desire. Only burn it when you are awake and meditating and visualizing what it is that you want to manifest. 

Manife$tation Money Candle

  • Attract money, luck and abundance. Clear any blockages in your career or finances to increase your money-flow. Catalyze a windfall in the form of a new job, raise or unexpected inheritance. A great candle for those looking to improve thier economic status. Charged with oils and crytals that are a powerful lucky magnet. Spark up thiscandle to ignite your path with an abundance of luck.


    How to use: State your intensions and light the wic and watch the Magick happen

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