On Tha Rocks CBD Bath  Tea has a sweet smell of floral scents and will give you an instant boost of happy feels!

Sink into a state of relaxation with our CBD bath tea...This product soothes the body, Nourishes the skin, Eases muscle pain, induces sleep, Relieves topical skin irritations, and is an absolute aromatic experience. 

CBD oils are most commonly used for uplifting your mood by releasing mental and bodily tension, that is aimed to promote healthy sleep. CBD reacts directly with the regulatory system in our body that manages sleep and can induce REM sleep allowing for a deeper, more restful cycle.

How to use:
Fill tub and submerge under warm water. Single use.

Enjoy two ways:
Our botanical blend can be enjoyed two ways:
Contained in the tube and steeped into warm water. Or Open the tube-and release all botanicals for a beautiful loose leaf  slat bath experiences

On Tha Rocks CBD Tea Bath


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