Your Sea Moss gel is always made fresh to order in small batches to ensure freshness. Organic Sea Moss contains small amounts of selenium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese and vitamins A, E, C, G, K and a host of others that are vital for our daily survival. When we give our body it's needed cell food, our body is able to reverse and even stop many diseases.

Store your Sea Moss in a refrigerator immediately to last up to 4 weeks (Longer if only used for face mask) . Store in freezer to last up to 1yr.

How to Use your Sea Moss.
When you receive your Sea Moss Immediately place you’re jar inside the Refrigerator and let it sit for one full day before consuming. 

Add 2-3 TBSP of Sea Moss Gel when preparing smoothie

• Clean and wash face. 
• Apply a small amount of the sea Moss Gel to the entire face. 
• Let sit for 15-20 mins (until face tightens). 
• Rinse completely. 
• Apply Moisturizer

• Boil Spring water.
• Add 1 TBSP of sea Moss Gel and stir until dissolve.
• Add dates or 100% agave to sweeten the taste.

16oz. Jar

Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel