This Mouthwash contains organic essential oils for the best dental rinse and plaque reducer. Clove and peppermint completely eliminate bad breath and help keep gums and teeth healthy and free of plaque. The organic ingredients in this mouthwash also helps with teeth whitening!! 

Many store brands contain untested chemicals and they taste like it!

Using natural toothpaste & natural mouthwash combined gives you a more effective cleansing and helps protect you from gum disease.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Organic Sodium Bicarbonate, Xylitol, Witch Hazel, Peppermint, Clove.

ORGANIC CLOVE Essential Oil applied to a cavity in a decayed tooth, relieves toothache. It also helps to decrease infection in the teeth due to its antiseptic properties, also have anti-oxidant properties.

ORGANIC PEPPERMINT Essential Oil powerful anti-oxidant, stops bacteria that causes tooth decay. Peppermint has a high menthol content, and is often used in chewing gum, and toothpaste.

PURE SODIUM BICARBONATE works as a mechanical cleanser on the teeth and gums, neutralizes the production of acid in the mouth and also as an antiseptic to help prevent infections occurring. It also a natural tooth whitener which works by breaking down any stains on your teeth.

PURE XYLITOL is a natural sweetener proven to have a positive effect on tooth and gum health. The bacteria are unable to feed on xylitol so it does not cause dental cavities or bad breath. It is recommended by many natural dentists and is now a popular ingredient in natural toothpaste, gum and mouthwash.

Organic Whitening Mouthwash