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The energy and power of the Rose of Jericho promotes harmony, peace and abundance in the home. It is a house plant to help attract and maintain good energy and vibes in your home as well as abundance, and prosperity. It also repels negativity from manifesting. It is a wonderful plant for new beginnings and shedding of old habits. 

How to use: Place the full ball with its roots submerged in water. It should then bloom for about 7 days (see second picture - which is after 2 days of water). After it has bloomed, sprinkle the water in doorways and windows for cleansing and protection.  ***Do Not leave your plant in water more than five days as it will start to mold*** 
It’s the plant that never dies so you can reuse it at anytime when you feel led to! 

To bring prosperity and abundance to you & your home, add a couple of coins to the water bowl, placed under your Rose of Jericho. Don't worry, you won’t harm it. For a little extra Magick Spray a little of the left over water from your plant onto your wallet, lottery ticket or maybe your cash register at your business. Anything you want to draw in wealth.

The Rose Of Jericho plants don’t all bloom the same way and may not appear exactly like the picture shown.

Rose of Jericho

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