The Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs comes in three  different sizes , Large 45mmx30mm, Medium 40mmx25mm, Small 30mmx20mm,

Rose Quartz: 
“She radiates love!” This beloved crystal nurtures the inner child, activates the heart chakra, and awakens the energy of unconditional love. 

These eggs are used vaginally to bring the properties of the crystal into your womb center, promoting both physical health and spiritual healing. They can also be held during meditation or kept under your pillow during dream work. 

The Yoni Egg Journey

Women all over the world are becoming keepers of the cosmic yoni egg and are sharing experiences such as:

A deeper connection with the Divine Feminine 

Womb activation as a source of manifestation 

Personal growth and spiritual revelations 

Release of emotional trauma 

An increased awareness of the mind, body, soul connection

Shorter, lighter, less painful, more sacred moon times

Heightened sensation and sexual pleasure

Greater control of vaginal muscles 

And so much more…

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg


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