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Sacred White Sage Everything on Earth has a purpose.. White Sacred Sage is a special herb that is devoted to cleansing, protecting, and blessing you from negative energy.. To Smudge is to remove anything unwanted in your sacred space in or around you.. Feel free to Smudge your home, car, office space, or Alter..

Sacred Sage Bundle

SKU: 8586
  • Burning Sage Is An Ancient Tradition And Is Said By Many To Help Clear Away Negative Energy Out Of Your Environment (home, work, etc.) 


    For best results try 'Smudging'. Light one end of the 'stick' with a match or lighter, then blow it out. The resulting smoke 'smudges' the air in the room, resulting in a wonderfully distinctive signature aroma that only sage can provide. The properties in the smell, kill most existing bacteria in the air. The sage bundle makes the perfect gift for someone who loves burning herbs, incense and candles.

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