The beautiful Handmade Chakra Selenite Stick is the perfect tool to help you during meditation, Chakra balancing, Chakra activation and Healing sessions. 

Meditating with the stone can facilitate connections with Spiritual guides and guardian angels. Placed on the back helps with Chakra alignment. The selenite allows for a free flow of energy through the higher chakras. 

Selenite clears the energy field and it is used to direct high frequency energy into the body stimulating physical healing.

How To: Hold the wand in your hands over the top of your head, and slowly pass it down in front of you. Trust your intuition for how close to hold it to your body as you bring it down to your feet. If there is a spot that feels like a “bump” or feels resistant, simply go back over that spot a few times, like combing through a knot in long hair, and then proceed down to the floor. Do this to all four sides of your body, and enjoy the refreshing calm that selenite gives.

Selenite Chakra Wand