Unicorn Yoni Bar

Unicorn Yoni Bar

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  • Experience the magick 💫 of the Unicorn Yoni Bar. This yoni soap has Lemon, Peppermint, and Tea Tree oils which are phenomenal for keeping your V-Spot clean and fresh, fights bacteria, balances your PH, and also lightens the bikini area as well. Goat's Milk and Sheabutter are also added for extra moiusture and infused with Calendula to soothe the skin.


    A love-charged small rose quartz is placed within the Unicorn Yoni Bar with energy to help aid in healing, self-love, and to attract more love energy to you.



    Relax in a hot or warm bath or shower and visualize the subtle love energies of the Rose Quartz-infused Unicorn Yoni Bar strengthening your love aura as you move this healing soap across your body and its energy field. Think loving thougths and positive affirmations (like, "I attract the love I seek" or "I am loved") and meditate on your desired result. Transform your bath/shower time into a ritual that strengthens your love vibe. 💜👑 

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