💜 … Femininity
💚… Spiritual well-being
💛…..Weight loss
✨Waist beads ✨
That’s right...Beads! 📿 🤩 📿 
Waist Beads embrace the generations-old tradition of African Waist beads to promote positive female energy, sensuality, and even boost those weight loss goals!  

Women have worn these beads for years around the waist to monitor size and track weight long before all the bells and whistles of modern-day technology! It’s a tradition passed down from one generation to the next and is still going strong today! 💕 

They’re so easy to use - just fit them to your waist and leave them on! You’ll be amazed how easy it is to watch your progress, no matter what your goals! 🤩 🙌🏿

**These waist beads are extremely Iong and can fit a 40+ waist 

Waist Beads

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