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What will you feel when you start pampering yourself with the Yoni Goddess Oil? More Sensual, Empowered, and Confident with your flower. Women are obsessed with this luxuriously hydrating oil from the Empress Ready Cucci Couture line.


We highly recommend you pair this with one of our wildy popular Yoni bars - like the 🦄 Unicorn Yoni Bar or the 🍯 Honey Rose Yoni Bar - for gentle cleansing and additional moisture. 

Yoni Goddess Oil

  • If you smell a fishy scent "down there", the underlying cause may be bacterial vaginosis, a common vaginal infection in women aged 14 to 44, according to the CDC. The infection is a result of an imbalanced pH in the vagina and excessive presence of bad bacteria. Although the exact cause is not known, this infection is harmless; however, you need to restore the balance to get rid of it.


    Yoni Goddess Oil is perfect for keeping your ph balanced. Yoni Oil will keep your flower fresh and balanced! Great for on the go, when you're staying the night at your partner's house, and feeling like a Queen after bath or shower!


    This Yoni Oil safe enough to use on and around the vagina. Contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients that help prevent and may even help clear infections such as yeast, bacterial infections, vaginal dryness, odor, and heals wounds.


    How to use: Can be used 3 ways!

    1. Add a few drops to bath water 
    2. Mix a few drops in your hand with your favorite moisturizer (coconut oil) then use your fingers to sweep the luxurious oil over your Cucci 
    3. Use a few drops of just the Yoni Oil directly on your Cucci to transform from earthly to Heavenly! 💦✨💎


    Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil,  Chamomile, Rose Petals, Olive Oil, Essential Oil Blend Herbs: Motherwort , Rose Petals, Calendula. 

  • We want you to be completely satisfied with your desired item(s), so be sure to carefully read the product description and choose the appropriate product color and/or materials prior to making a final purchsse.



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